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What does TBT mean on Instagram, Facebook, etc.? Meaning of TBT

TBT is a hashtag that is used often on websites, social media platforms, apps, or in other mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you’re looking for the TBT meaning, you’ve come to the right place!

TBT Meaning - Meaning of TBT on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

TBT Meaning: Throwback Thursday

Meaning of TBT: Throwback Thursday

TBT means Throwback Thursday. Used often on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and similar websites, the meaning of TBT is typically Throwback Thursday.

What does TBT Mean? Throwback Thursday

Where is TBT most commonly used?

TBT is used most commonly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and similar places.

TBT is most commonly used on the following websites or apps:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

TBT Meaning – Example Use of TBT:

Here are a few ways that TBT may be used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites:

  • User posts a photo on Instagram of themselves as a baby with the hashtag TBT.
  • The hashtag TBT is used on an Instagram photo of a party that happened two years ago.
  • In a joking manner, someone uses the TBT hashtag on a photo that they took 10 minutes ago.
  • “Last year when I got in a car accident. Thankfully I’m still alive! #TBT #CarAccident #Life” is the caption of a photo on Instagram or Twitter.

Facebook & Instagram TBT Meaning: Throwback Thursday

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