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Click on any of the following abbreviations, acronyms, hashtags, or slang terms to go to their pages and view their meanings and definitions. Also consider checking out our Popular Slang Dictionary page, and keep in mind that you can check out popular slang used on social media on our Slang Dictionary by Social Network page. 

ABD Meaning
ABDL Meaning
AF Meaning
AFAIK Meaning
AFK Meaning
AHS Meaning
AKA Meaning
AMA Meaning
ARD Meaning
ASAP Meaning
ASL Meaning
ATM Meaning
Avi Meaning
AWD Meaning
BAE Meaning
BB Meaning
BBG Meaning
BBL Meaning
BBY Meaning
BC Meaning
BF Meaning
BFF Meaning
BFFs Meaning
BMI Meaning
BMS Meaning
BMX Meaning
Bol Meaning
BPM Meaning
BRB Meaning
BTW Meaning
CTFU Meaning
F4F Meaning
FML Meaning
HMU Meaning
HWP Meaning
ISO Meaning
SMH Meaning
TBT Meaning
WCW Meaning
WYD Meaning



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