About Slang Define

Slang Define was designed and developed to be a helpful resource for anyone looking to understand a slang term, abbreviation, acronym, or hashtag that they’ve seen used online, in a message, or heard in real life. Many abbreviations and acronyms used on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, or on apps such as Instagram, could mean any number of things. Incredibly ambiguous, ┬áthe definition of a slang terms you thought you understood seem to change overnight. But what does that actually mean?

Upon seeing an unfamiliar abbreviation, acronym, hashtag, etc., your instinct may be to google it, followed by the word “meaning” or “definition”, and that’s all and well. But what isn’t all and well are the multiple definitions you’ll find for that term on many “slang dictionary” websites – sites that provide definitions of slang with no regard to context. We write all of our definitions by hand, and list definitions that people actually use.



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